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Brian Scott was a true country boy, through and through. Born in Gin Gin, he was the eldest of four siblings. Living and working on his family farm is where Brian grew to appreciate the meaning of life – love for family, friends and his community.

As a typical young male, when it came to acquiring his driver’s licence, his love affair with cars and motorbikes began. If you can imagine a young, good-looking man driving around, ACDC cranked loudly, enjoying life. That was Brian Scott. Then, over time and as he matured, Brian’s values deepened. His favourite pastimes included camping and fishing, extending into a strong passion for shooting. And, as time passed, he would soon have a family to call his own.

Fast forward to 1996. It was a fateful night he would remember forever. The Blue Moose Nightclub was pumping. It was here that a gorgeous strawberry-blonde young lady entered his life. Brian met Trisha, and for over 25 years together, they grew into a family unit. In 2001 Hayley was born. Then regardless of if their next baby was a boy or girl, the name Jordan was given as Trisha birthed their second daughter in 2010, aptly named after Brian’s idol, basketball player Michael Jordan.

And while his security life also began in 1998, it wasn’t until 2016 that Brian decided to go his own way, establishing Scott’s Specialized Security Services. It was here that his third family was created, his security family. To him, his employees weren’t workmates. Instead, they were his work family. Adding to his ‘family life’, Brian was also a reliable and determined community advocate. Enter family number four, where he thoroughly enjoyed supporting and volunteering alongside the Wallaville Rural Fire Brigade for 16 years. His open heart made Brian the chairperson for a few years, developing his people skills, and later becoming a crew leader. He received a ten year service medal, and also a 15 year service medal.

Brian, the following is a letter from all of your families to you.

Dearest Brian,

You were a loyal family man, intensely protective of those you loved – family, friends and workmates. And over the years, you matured into a strong, serious but funny, quirky, loving big softy, who was a devoted partner to Trish, and a gentle father to Hayley and Jordan whilst also being a loving Uncle.

And those who met you, be it at work, socially, or were part of your close or extended family units, Brian, you will continue to have a lasting impact on everyone who met you.

Forever in Our Hearts,
We all love you, Brian xo

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